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Album: Live At Rock Am Ring (2003)
DAVE GAHAN - Live At Rock Am Ring Album
Song Title: Dirty Sticky Floors
Genre: Pop
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Waiting for the last time
For my friend to change my mind
Waiting for the last drop
Seems like a long long time
Maybe I should go back home
I'll sit and wait right by the phone
Praying over the porcelain throne
On my dirty sticky floor
Ask me what I want
Easy that's just more
How long will I wait for you
Twice as long as I did before
Standing in the freezing snow
Maybe you left I just don't know
I'll soon be lying on my own
On some dirty sticky floor
I hope no one can see me
The tin man says I'm doing fine
That lion ain't gonna get me
See that gun right there it's mine
I've painted a face where I burnt the floor
Now the face has become my devil's door
Laying in the back room
On my dirty sticky floor
On my dirty sticky

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