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Artist: Dave Mathews Band
Song Title: Crazy
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Crazy as I may
Make my way through this world
It's for no one but me to share
What direction I turn in

'Cause I am the captain of this ship
Eyes, eyelids, and kissing lips
The same as it was and should be when you will
You give
Roll me back again
You give
Roll me away
You give
Roll the homes back again
You give

The same respect for them that turn and change
And don't you see the strange way
That the girl dances away a day
Even ridiculed display
Won't stop her feet from moving

Because I am the captain of this ship
Eyes, eyelids, and kissing lips
Just the same as it was away (?)

Maybe it's strange
I live a lie
I'm going back again

Oh, turn back
The lights from yourself
And turn the spotlight down
Or turn it on yourself

Because you are the captain of this ship
Eyes, eyelids, and kissing lips
Just the same as for all
I reign and waiting to be

Why should I be hypnotized
By someone else's lie?
Why should I
Oh, take time and pride in
What someone else believes?
Oh, tell me go on
Won't you roll on then maybe you
You give
Roll the backside on the wind
You give
Roll me away
You give
More than ever seen before
You give

Say, It may be all I can
Same as it was
And made me believe my head, my whole

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