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Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Band Author
Album: Weekend On The Rocks (CD 2) (2005)
Dave Matthews Band - Weekend On The Rocks (CD 2) Album
Song Title: You Never Know
Genre: Rock: Electronic
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Sun still stone

We walk by them and hear voices yeah
No one ever stops to talk of things we'd rather do
They never did

What if God shuffled by
One day we might say
We're angry not afraid
Like breathing just to breathe
That we might find some reason

But there's much to go round
That's what's wrong with the world
Don't lose the dreams inside your head
They're only there until you're dead

Lying on the roof
The stars that fill the sky
Wondering why
Someone out there really isn't looking back down on me
You never know

So much space to believe
Only when you're small
A moment follows the cause
There's no one but you see
Hey there the moon is chasing me

And I worried if I looked away she'd be gone
Don't lose the dreams inside your head
They're only there until you're dead
Oh oh oh la la la

One day fill your brain
With no cares in the world
The mellow tune come to play
She's all mine just for a day

And there's no time to waste
In the play of this game
Don't lose the dreams inside your head
They're only there until you're dead

Unforgiveable down
It won't be so long now
Out of the darkness comes light
Like a flash
You think you can you think you can
Sometimes that is the problem
Is it your dream

Spilling on being
And he fell on them
And every day should be a good day to die

Oh oh fall down
It won't be so long now
I do love I'll hand love
I find it hard to explain
How I got here
I think I can I think I can
but then again I will falter

I think I can I think I can
I think I can I think I can

Oh dream
Little darling

Spilling on being
We fell from them

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