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Artist: Dogg Nate
Dogg Nate Author
Song Title: Me & My Homies
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(feat. 2Pac)

Me and my homies tho
you know we kick it like everyday
Me and my homies, kick it like everyday

[Nate Dogg]
But I'm alone in my room
and I dont have no one to talk to
I catch a girl with my phone
and cause some folks who know what I go through
after I smoke a joint, come on
to keep my temper low
I parlay with my friends
there's really no where else to go

[Chorus x2]
Me and my homies though
you know we kick it like everyday
Me and my homies, kick it like everyday

[2 Pac]
I ain't shit without my homeboys
rather be buried, then see us party
keep it close to my heart
cuz we the ones that got the shit started
you recollect, we used to bust on snithces
nobody come before my niggaz, fuck all y'all bitches
all my homeboys are self sufficient
so be suspicious of your scandalous tricks
got the police takin our pictures
love to hang out on the corner but we known to ride
me and my muthafuckin homeboys down to die
for each other, cuz we closer than brothers
its like you came in, no forgettin the party poppin
when my squad walks in
throw up your hands baby buy me a drink, stop actin phony
dont forget tto bring something for all my homies
to know me is to love a thug nigga to the fullest, duckin bullets,
snatchin guns when these trick niggaz pull it
handle my business like a professional, the whole world knows me
but I ain't shit without my fuckin homies
me and my fuckin homies

Me and my homies though
you know we kick it like everyday
Me and my homies
kick it like everyday

(Me and my homies)
constantly we mash
(Me and my homies)
gotta make that cash
(Me and my homies)
there's no need to ask
(Me and my homies)
we are still the best

[Breakdown x8]
(thats my homeys)
thats my homeys
DPGC homeys

Me and my homies tho
you know we kick it like everyday
Me and my homies, kick it like everyday

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