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Artist: Earthone9
Song Title: Tat Twam Asi
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tat twam asi
lost in a wilderness
i will build a fire
i become a fire
to swim in the waters
burrowing and bellowing
into a consciousness
kicking against
yet we're needing to want this
sucking and bleeding
now knee deep in substance
pulling and dragging
fail to allow ourselves
as we move to consciousness
as we move through consciousness
as we move to consciousness
driven by need for transecendence
tat twam asi
focus on the focusless
focusless is the focus
look into the self
one name branded deep
burning and singing
the markings of the soul
turning more turning
we assimilate ourselves
needing the push
a sea of flailing limbs
push to create
an equalibrium
as we move to consciousness
as we move through consciousness
as we move to consciousness
driven by need for transecendence

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