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Artist: Ebony Fay
Song Title: Do It Right
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Know what you wanna do, get into the groove
Well you just gotta move
And soon you'll know just what you really gotta do
So take it easy now, I can show you how
Just feel the beat inside, let the rhythm take hold and do it right

You can't give up, you can't give in
When things are looking like your world is tumbling down, you fight
You make the cut, you play to win
And it's guaranteed to be alright
Just do your best, just give your all
Dance to your rhythm, you can make forever start tonight
Don't let it rest, you'll never fall
Believe me

No matter what you do
Can't nobody hold your future back
Gotta go 'cause you know you'll leave them in your tracks
And when all is said and done, ain't no looking back now
Is it all how you dreamed it would be way back when?

Life is just a game
We play to see if we can get it right
God above sends his love to those who see his light
Even if you don't know, he's been there for you too
Did you think you'd get this far without his love?
I tell you what

Know what you wanna do, get into the groove
Well you just got to move
And then you'll know just what to do
So take it easy now, I can show you how
Just feel the love inside
Let the rhythm take hold and do it right, yeah

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