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Artist: Echo & The Bunnymen
Song Title: Baby Rain
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Lost again
Still waiting for the voices
That don't call my name
Had too many choices
And i missed my aim
No pearls inside the oysters

Just a world
With no answers
We all get life
And take our chances

In the rain
In the rain

Glad to be
Alive and still believing
What you said to me
Your love was never leaving
And it comes for free
So what's the use of stealing

From your girl
When she's the answer
And your world
And your chances

In the rain
In the rain

I've got what you want
When're you going to get me?

Home again
I can hear the voices
Singing out my name
Life is where the choice is
And i've found my aim
Don't need pearls or oysters

Just a world
With all the answers
I've got life
I'll take my chances

In the rain
In the rain

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