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Artist: Echo & The Bunnymen
Song Title: Stars Are Stars
Genre: Alternative
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The sky seems full
When you're in the cradle
The rain will fall
And wash your dreams

Stars are stars
And they shine so hard

Now you spit out the sky
Because it's empty and hollow
All your dreams
Are hanging out to dry

Stars are stars
And they shine so cold

I saw you climb
Shadows on the trees
We lost some time
After things that never matter
I caught that falling star
It cut my hands to pieces

Where did i put that box
That had my name in it
I saw you climb
Shadows on the trees
We lost some time
After things that never matter

Cards are played
And the clock's real heavy
Say you're numb
Make another day

You came here late
You've gone home early
Who'll remember now
You've gone away
Gone away
Gone away

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