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Artist: Echobelly
Song Title: Insomniac
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I think you ought to know,
I think we've lost control dear,
Whatever turned you on,
You put it up your nose dear,
And though the feeling was sublime,
I think we're running out of time,
'Cos when you found it, you'd fix it,
Then lose it and then you'd go.

Will you be long, will you be long dear,
Will you be long, i'm waiting,
No sleep at all, carry me home,
No sleep at all, carry me home,
Won't you take me there.

I serenade the walls,
Young people have it all dear
And surely life is a gas,
We never had it bad dear
Oh was it pointless from the start
Or did we cultivate the arts
I swim in circles, in puddles, in trouble and then I go
Will I be long, will I be long dear,
Will I be strong, you're waiting

No sleep at all, carry me home,
No sleep at all, carry me home,
Won't you take me here,
I don't feel good inside,
I don't feel good inside,
My darling don't you cry, home, home.

No sleep at all, carry me home,
No sleep at all, carry me home,
Won't you, won't you home home, won't you take me there,
I'm ready home, home, won't you take me there,
I'm willing home, home, won't you take me there,
I want you home, home, won't you take me there.

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