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Artist: Echobelly
Song Title: Sober
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Once in a while,
I'll be the figure on the sleeve, on the sleeve,
Is there anyone who understands me?,
Oh anyone anyone anyone more than you,
I've played blind men's games for a vision,
Just to see, just to see, just to see how low,
Would you like to see how low I go?,
Won't you see how low I go?.

Now that it's over I'm left on the floor,
Cold and I'm sober,
It is worse than before,
And I hate that I want you,
How could I know,
I still love.

Once in a while,
I'll be the joker on the scene, on the scene,
Is there anyone who cares to listen?,
Kill the tormentor in my dream,
We're out in the big wide world for a mission,
So why do I feel inside, empty and so small,
And I called to say,
Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello.

Now that it's over I'm left on the floor,
Cold and I'm sober,
It is worse than before,
And I hate that I want you,
How could I know,
I still love.

Why do I, who do I, why do I love you?.

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