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Artist: Edan
Edan Author
Song Title: Friends
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Yo, don't throw the beat on yet... throw it on, NOW!

This is Edaaaaaaaaaaan

In the place to be, in the place to be

In the place to do it, where we gots to do it, where we gots to do it

Just do it, just do it, check it out

The beat's gonna pause right now but I'm comin back in

I just wanna make friends, with MC's

Buy em ice cream

Take em to the park

Then we'll hang out

Go see the butterflies, look at the girl

She wants to give us, a toy

MCs....do you wanna hang out?

Let's chill

Let's be friends

Let's chill

Let's be best friends

So we'll go to the movies

And we'll eat some pop corn

With butter on it

Then we'll go and rhyme

Freestyle a little bit in the park

Let's go hang out, go by the river

And rock some rhymes

MC, let's chill, let's be friends

Let's not fight

Let's just hang out all damn night

Let's just do it til the morning light

Let's just chill

Let's go walk around and talk about each others' problems

Let's go over and play some video games

At the arcade, you know, we just hang out

Yea, and we work on our rhymes

My metaphors are ok, how are yours?

Let's chill

Let's just be some friends

Cuz damn, I ain't got so many friends

I just wanna hang out, with MCs

Yo, they're like me

They write rhymes too

Let's hang out, you know what I wanna do

Just go to your crib

Just eat some ??? food

And then go your house whenever we want

Just hang out, yo, let's not fight

MCs, let's hang out all night

Let's do it

Let's chill, let's work it out

Let's do what we talked about

Let's get together, and help somebody

Let's plant a tree

Let's save the bees

Let's save the cats

Let's buy some cats

Let's eat some food together

Not a hot dog cuz you know that ain't clever

You don't wanna eat some junk food man

Yo, try this apple

Or this piece of broccoli, carrot, beta keratene

Yo, I won't act embarrassing

We'll just hang out

We'll just chill


I wanna hang out with you, and you, and you, and yes, you

Go to someone's house or the zoo

Talk to the zebras and giraffes

They're so funny, don't make me laugh

MCs... ha ha ha, I wanna hang out

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