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Artist: Edan
Edan Author
Album: Primitive Plus (0)
Edan - Primitive Plus Album
Song Title: One Man Arsenal
Genre: Rap: Hip-Hop
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Yo, cut it up one time, man

This one's goin out.. to the.. pretty people

Yo, check it out

[ VERSE 1 ]

My Main Source throws a Wild Pitch to Organize nuff Konfusion

For your Hollywood Basics, folly ( ? )

Trolleys contagent to the various parts of town

But you'll never reach the section of the brain that stores the sound

That is heard consequently, calms all sequentally

Mentally pokin in the fluids that be quenchin me

Thirst for rehearsal, adverb reversal, adverse reverberation

Plus placement on Earlobe Avenue

Haven't you heard, nerd?

The one man band plans scams with preferred words

I uplift and blend, persist to send shockwaves

Octane flocks brains towards the Planet Rock days

Obtain various platters with vital data

A spinal splatter easily ceasing the idle chatter

I'm feasibly seekin to find a plateau

Passin the last flow lyrically logical to astro-

physicists, you ask your little click why

Your light came late like the 5th of July

My fireworks ( ? ) circumvent your circumstance

Germs and toys'll thrust, I'm poisonous like certain plants

Now all it really is is wordplay, so this be recess

Instead of Jungle Jim's my tongue'll tempt them to be fresh

I reflect to recline and define your defect

The One Man Arsenal, epitome of respect


(To make a short story long, just listen up close)

(I'm not a regular competitor, first rhyme editor)

(MC in the place gonna give you a dose)

(Melody arranger, poet, etcetera)

(With the dynamite blow just for your head)

(Rock from party to party, backyard to yard)

(And I hope you can relate to what I just said)

(I tear it up y'all and bless the mic with the gods)

[ VERSE 2 ]

Never say a rhyme that's less than hoopin

Intelligent, all the girls I'm scoopin

This is just a small rap representation

Down with the universe since the foundation

Clowns went to Jupiter to peep my sound station

A beautiful array of cut 'n scratch configurations

Limitations strictly defined by motivation

Know your place in the maze when there's chaos and mayhem

It's easy to ace them with a back-in-the-day gem

Beats in the basement is a worthwhile day spent

Channeling my energy so children will remember me

Still instillin remedies to thrill and kill the nemesis

Speech pattern blemishes, refreshin as a reservoir

Veterans wore gold chains to boost repertoires

The only link I need is in a word connection

Serve a fresh one, rhymin in the shower be the best one


Now rock this beat

Haha, yeah

This one is a special dedication to all of you out there

that can scratch, that can produce

and that can rock the m-i-c

You know

Cause that's me doin the cats in the background

the beat I put togtether, you know

Big up to the TDS Mob

and then then, you know, the rhymes I'm doin

I got it all, the complete package

You can't fuck with that at all

All you people out there that can just rhyme, you wanna battle?

We need to take it to the triathlon

You need to shut up and bring all that shit to the table

I'll take you out one by one, yo

And I'm out

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