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Artist: Eden
Song Title: Conversation
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Tell me something
Go on and break my heart
Make me want to scream
Just to wake myself inside
How can you love me
If you dont love yourself
Stop this game, its a crying shame
How we tear each other apart
Ive got an aching head
So many things unsaid
I can hear your footsteps on the stairs
And down below
Shut your mouth when Im talking to you
Nagging and yelling is all you do
Shut your mouth when Im talking to you
Im though with you, Im through
Sweet, sweet memories I used to know
We used to fight like snow against the sun
Till it turned out right but then I said goodbye
And it was for good
But no one ever brought me
Joy and fun the way you could
Shut your mouth when Im talking to you
Dont slam the door like you did before
Shut your mouth when Im talking to you
Im through with you, Im through
Shut your mouth when Im talking to you
Dont slam the door like you did before
Shut your mouth when Im talking to you
Im not through with you, not through
Hey, Jeff, hows it going Ive got this desire growing
Sometimes Id do anything
To have you as a friend again
But it wont be easy
Itll take a lot of guts
But I will puck them all together
If that is what you want
If that is what you want

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