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Artist: Edgar Winter Group
Song Title: Animal
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Some kind of animal is stalkin? your trail.
Some weird unconformity outside your tail.
Bug Bear, Night Mare, Castles in the air,
I wonder if this game is fair.

Some kind of animal is loose in the night.
Leaping and shrieking in freakish delight.
Some kind of animal let out on the stage.
But, surrounded by people like the bars of a cage.

Look out now !!!

Some kind of animal - You make me feel like,
Some kind of animal - Makes love like,
Some kind of animal - Gonna die like,
Some kind of animal !!!


Some kind of animal - You must feel like,
Some kind of animal - You make love like,
Some kind of animal - You?re gonna die like,
Some kind of animal !!!

Some kind of animal exists in us all.
Instinct awakens to it?s primitive call.
Bug a Boo after you, look out now it?s comin? through .........

I wonder if this dream is true???

I wonder if it?s me or you???



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