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Artist: Edwards Meredith
Song Title: This Is The Heartache
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Just look at him Laughing out loud
Life of the party And look at me trying to be strong
Fighting the tears
How can he just stand there acting
Like we never even happened


So this is the heartache I've heard about
Part of love I can live without
Giving it all, loving in vain
So this is the heartache I've heard about
Great future behind me now
As those memories run down my face
This is the heartache

Second Verse:

It's not like me to become
A wall decoration
But here in the corner at least
All eyes aren't on me
So that's the girl that he's seeing
Think it's time I should be leaving



Is love only a trick of the mind
An illusion done with mirrors, smoke and light


This is the heartache X 2

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