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Artist: Einherjer
Einherjer Author
Album: Odin Owns Ye All (1998)
Einherjer - Odin Owns Ye All Album
Song Title: A New Earth
Genre: Rock
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She sees arise
A second time
Earth from the sea
Dressed evergreen
Fairier than all
Waterfalls flow
As from a dream
For us it still is

Once again strangely wonderful
Golden chessmen be found again
On the ground where brave men fought
Owned by Gods a long time ago

Future will meet
The present and past
Speak of winters
The first and the last
Tales of what's been
And what to come
In remembrance of Odin
And the runes of the past

Once again strangely wonderful
Golden chessmen be found again
On the ground where brave men fought
Owned by Gods a long time ago

She sees a hall
Fairier than the sun
Thatched with gold
For trust to dwell
There shall innocence
Forever live
A life of joy
Until the dragon reappears

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