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Artist: Einherjer
Einherjer Author
Album: Norwegian Native Art (1999)
Einherjer - Norwegian Native Art Album
Song Title: Howl Ravens Come
Genre: Metal: Death, Black
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Tell me, Nikar, thou must know
The fate of Gods and men
When to wield the spear and bow
What omens do you send

In my words take heed
On woeful foes to dwell
Fields of scattered ravens feed
The forceful Gram knows well

Bloodeagle carved
With a bone-biting sword
Song of the wielded
Howl the ravens chord

Many an omen men only knew
Good when swords are swung
Unfailing followers battle through
Dark ravens come along

Heavy weight the second weighs
Arrayed with rage of war
Good if you see two men in race
for victors ancient lore

Bloodeagle carved
With a bone-biting sword
Song of the wielded
Howl the ravens chord

Howl ravens come

A third thing: Good hearing , the howl of a wolf
Carried from an ashes boughs
Good if you first sight thine enemies
Triumph over broken brows

No man in battle, his face shall turn
Against the sister of the moon
Scattered on the battlefield the bleeding burn
Awoken as a victor soon

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