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Artist: Ektomorf
Ektomorf Author
Album: Destroy (2004)
Ektomorf - Destroy Album
Song Title: Everything
Genre: Rock
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Now I'm far from everything

Now I'm far from nothing

Now I'm far from me

Now I'm far from you

Now I don't feel hate

Now I only blame

I only blame myself

'cause I followed you everywhere

you're a piece of shit

you don't know the shame

but one day motherfucker you will get back everything

you exploited my helplessness

you exploited my weekness

you exploited my love

you exploited my trust

now we are in the end

now we are face to face

in your eyes so much hate

because you fucking afraid

you're piece of shit

you don't know the shame

but one day motherfucker

you will get back everything

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