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Artist: Electric Wizard
Electric Wizard Author
Album: Dopethrone (2000)
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone Album
Song Title: Barbarian
Genre: Metal: Doom
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He left the northern hills to seek his fortune
A lone Barbarian with only death lust to guide
But he carved a kingdom of stone
King Conan, sitting on his bloody throne

His black mane sweeps across his face
Grim and silent with steely blue gaze
Like a panther ready to strike
His blade crashes down to end your life

Master swordsman of Hyborian Age
His name is a legend to this very day
Even gods cower when his sword is unleashed
Nothing dare face him, neither man or beast

Cut a bloody swathe across his battlefield
Red mist rising, break your human shield
Slashed to pieces is to be your fate
Unleash berserker rage no-one shall escape

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