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Artist: Electric Wizard
Electric Wizard Author
Album: Come My Fanatics cd 1 (1996)
Electric Wizard - Come My Fanatics cd 1 Album
Song Title: Wizard in Black
Genre: Metal
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sample:) you're all the same the lot of ya
with your long hair and faggot clothes
drugs, sex, every sort of filth
and you hate the police, don't ya
you make it easy...

a tower stands on the edge of time
upon it stands the astral mind
the burning chaosphere seethes behind
ours to see but we are blind

the eyes of god look upon what he's done
the eyes of man look on and beyond
i am a god, i am the one
into the chaos see my time has begun

the wizard in black reveals the sign
the chosen are ready, destiny realigned
eye of ultra soul together we join
alone again, once again into the void

cosmic eye the heart of the sun
freedom rays awaken the chosen ones

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