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Artist: Electrocutes
Song Title: Doombuggy
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I don't even know why I lied

But I know you know I know you spied

And if you go tell Mom and Dad

That's gonna make me real real mad

I'm gonna make you go crazy

Put tin foil in you cavities


I want to go

Everybody let's go

Leave him behind and no one to fuck with my mind...

I don't even know...

Let's leave my brother behind

Cause with him there it's so confined

Let's not take him to see Disney

Cause he's always so mean to me


I want to go

Everybody let's go

Just you and me

And no one to get in between

I've never been to Disneyland

But you can take me

I won't be bad

And if you go tell Mom and Dad

That's gonna make me real real mad

I want to see Disney and he's always so mean to me


I want to go

I'm all packed now

Leave him behind

And no one to fuck with my mind

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