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Artist: Elegy
Elegy Author
Album: State of Mind (1998)
Elegy - State of Mind Album
Song Title: Destiny Calling
Genre: Metal
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My memories clear as ever of a little boy
I can see myself so full of wander a child so full of joy

In a field oh way up yonder not so far from home
lived a sweet old man called Mr.Wonder because of dreams he told

He once so philosophically explained
there's a reason we're brought into this world

I wish he was with us today pray hear me say I understand now

No matter how how hard we try we never listen when destiny's calling
we still keep changing our lives stop, look and listen
it's destiny calling you (when destiny's calling you)

Looking back remissing changes long gone by
opportunities I keep on missing I've stared 'em in the eye

The gravity of all my actions I try hard to disguise
it became crystal clear we change the future affecting all our lives

An old man philosophically explained
there's a reason we're brought into this world

Funny those words that he said will always be true forever and ever

Each promise we break the choice is yours and mine
each wrong move that we make we're missing chances
each step with each day will get harder, harder if we go our own way

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