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Album: Carolina Country Ball (0)
Elf - Carolina Country Ball Album
Artist: Elf
Song Title: Happy
Genre: Metal
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Very very happy that you're so happy
Very very happy for you
Looking round every corner
I'm happy to see that you're happy

Special situations, pleasant demonstrations
'Til the cat rolled out of the bag
You let me get my hopes too high
But now you're happy

Crazy kind of feeling, hanging from the ceiling
With a bag tied over my head
You won't let the sun shine in
But now you're very very happy that you're so happy
Very very happy for you
Looking round every corner
Look, I'm glad you're happy

Too much aggravation, time is kind of wasting
Got to get while I'm still alive
You're never gonna stop me now
But Lord you're very very happy, special situations
Very very happy, pleasant demonstration

Very very happy, special situation
Very very happy, pleasant demonstration

[Last two lines repeated 8 times]

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