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Artist: Elisa
Elisa Author
Album: Pearl Days (2004)
Elisa - Pearl Days Album
Song Title: Bitter Words
Genre: Pop
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I don?t know if I?ll ever tell you this story
I don?t even know whether we?ll have the chance
I don?t know if you?ll ever see me shaking like this
I?m not sure I can open my door to more?

Bitter words, full of rage, and clever ways
To find the key to my weakest side

I just can?t see where the truth lies
I remember seeing in your eyes?
But then, oh then, such bitter words
When you knew I wasn?t hiding
You? you hit my soul, you couldn?t make it any deeper inside
You just hit my soul and I cried, I cried over

Bitter words, full of rage, and clever ways
To find the key to my weakest side

Now only one word is left for me to say: why?

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