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Artist: Ella Fitzgerald
Ella Fitzgerald Author
Album: For the Love of Ella Fitzgerald ( CD1: Monuments of Swing) CD1 (1989)
Ella Fitzgerald - For the Love of Ella Fitzgerald ( CD1: Monuments of Swing) CD1 Album
Song Title: A-Tisket A-Tasket
Genre: Jazz
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A-tisket a-tasket
A brown-and-yellow basket
I sent a letter to my mommy
On the way I dropped it.

I dropped it, I dropped it
Yes, on the way I dropped it
A little girlie picked it up
And put it in her pocket.

She was truckin' on down the avenue
Without a single thing to do
She was peck, peck, peckin' all around
When she spied it on the ground

She took it, she took it, my yellow basket
And if she doesn't bring it back
I think that I will die

A tisket- a -tasket
I lost my yellow basket
and if that girlie dont return it
I dont know what I'll do.

Oh dear, I wonder where my basket can be ( so do we [x 5])
Oh Gee I wish that little girl I could see ( so do we [ x5])
Oh why was I so careless with that basket of mine?
That ity-bity basket was a joy of mine.

A-tisket a-tasket I lost my yellow basket
Wont someone help me find my basket and make me happy again.

(Was it green?) No, no, no, no
(Was it red?) No, no, no, no
(Was it blue?) No, no, no, no
Just a little yellow basket

A little yellow basket...

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