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Artist: English Bad
English Bad Author
Album: Bad English (1989)
English Bad - Bad English Album
Song Title: Best Of What I Got
Genre: Rock
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Oh yeah

If you wanna put a message to my heart, should be early in the morning
I'm gonna rise and shine or wake you up, and move you without warning
Call my name, I understand the reason for desire
The pen of gold I give to you, could be the ring of fire
Something in your kiss that lasts forever
Burning in the heat for you, I love you 'round the clock

You get the best of what I got, oh yeah

Gonna work all day to buy you pretty things, 'cos you're such a pretty girl
You can work me overtime, knock me out, got my senses in a whirl
Like a locomotive burning down the track, you're my destination
One on one, a kiss for a kiss, you're my fascination
Something in your touch that holds the promise
You got me feeling all shook up, I love you 'round the clock

You get the best of what I got, oh yeah

I put my key inside your door and it feels so good
When I come home at night, we're rockin' the neighborhood
Rockin' the neighborhood

(Instrumental break)

Something that you read about in heavens
I feel the heat for you, I wanna rock you 'round the clock

You get the best, you get the best of what I got, oh yeah
You get the best of what I got, aw
I wanna love you 'round the clock (best of what I got) oh
You get the best of what I got (best of what I got) aw, that's right
I wanna love you 'round the clock (best of what I got) aw, ooh, yeah
(Best of what I got) that's right
You get the best of what I got (best of what I got)... (to fade)


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