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Artist: Etienne Saint
Etienne Saint Author
Album: So Tough (1993)
Etienne Saint - So Tough Album
Song Title: Calico
Genre: Pop
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[the "calico" bits are sarah and the rest is q-tee.]

Dreamin / that you are in my world, /

Wishin / like a little girl. /

Watchin, / closely, / you suddenly appear. /

Like a dream, / youre gone, then youre here. /

You take to emotion / like a bird to flight. /

You drop an invitation, / maybe I just might /

Be your lover / or better / a friendly / aquaintance. /

Truly as I duly pay my love to you like maintenance. /

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Youre realistic, / your face conceal. /

Accentuate the passion. / I will reveal. /

Youre like an angel that delights with the day. /

Im pleadin / dont ever go away, /

Storys reaching peak / the outlook is bleak. /

Please talk, say that youll speak. / youre strong and I am weak. /

I need / the fortune at the end of the rainbow. /

I see you like a lantern - / you have a certain glow. / calico. /

Your smile is warm soft, / forever / appealing. /

Whenever you are present like a letter I am sealing. /

My love / like a dove / that blesses from above. /

The shower in an hour / wont you let me be your towel? / calico. /

Affection / affects you like a weapon. /

Youre extreme and supreme / and nothing that you seem. /

A fateful chance / with a twist of hope. /

Ill be with you all the way / down the magical slope.

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Babe, dont be afraid, / Im wit you everywhere. /

Gliding through enchanted waters / to you I swear. /

Expression is the key, / its good enough for me. /

Cali cant you see, / forever yours? /

Theres a feeling / of warmth, / a serious / sensation. /

Its true, / you have that / good vibration.

Your charm is overwhelming, you have reaches that I seldom see, /

Calico just let me be the one! /

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Calico, / calico, / calico, / calico. /

Calico. / I see / that we were meant to be. /

Goin in ? ? ?

[outro samples:]

I never take of my hat except when Im out of doors!

She made a prize from jenkins ear, / and washed it down with a bottle of beer.

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