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Artist: FABS
Song Title: Pictures
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ah ah ah
ah ah ah

Pictures on tv and on your wall
walking down the street they're all your eyes look for
so look at me
don't make me jealous, boy

everytime I walk in your door
it's fashion tv, madonna and kylie
your fantasies
you make me jealous, boy
I'll take revenge

Oh oh, You make me
Oh oh, U make me so
Oh oh,You make me
Oh oh...So jealous, boy...boy...boy...

la la la la...
la la la la...

Throw that magazine on the floor
It's funny but I
can't stand it anymore
oh you should know
u make me jealous, boy

U think u re gonna meet a movie star
what's it gonna be
is it me or her?
just realize, u make me jealous, boy
I'll take revenge

Oh oh, You make me
Oh oh, U make me so
Oh oh,You make me
Oh oh...So jealous, boy..boy..boy...


ah ah ah...make me
ah ah ah..u make me so...
ah ah ah..u make me
so jealous, boy...

ah ah ah make me...
ah ah ah u make me so...
u make me...
u make me so...

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