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Artist: Fabulous Thunderbirds
Song Title: Tuff Tuff
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Note: The following lyrics are taken from recordings by ear and are probably imperfect; I'd appreciate getting corrections! -- matt, cornell@cs.umass.edu)

__ Tuff enough __ (fabulous thunderbirds)

== Intro == (D E B, D E B, D E B)

I would walk two miles on my, hands and knees
ain't no doubt about it, baby, it's you I aim to please
I'd wrestle with a lion and a, grizzly bear
it's my life baby but, I don't care

== 1: ==
ain't that tuff enough?
ain't that tuff enough?
ain't that tuff enough?
ain't that tuff enough?

for you baby I would, swim the sea
nothin' I'd do for you that's too, tough for me
I'd put out a burnin' building with a, shovel and dirt
and not even worry about, getting hurt

== 1 ==

== Guitar solo == (D, D E B; D, E B)

I would work 24 hours, 7 days a week
just so I can come home and, kiss your cheek
I love you in the mornin' and I, love a-you at noon
I love you in the night, take you, to the moon

== 1 ==

lain to buy my burnin' money, that I've earned
and not even worry about, gettin' burned
I'd climb the empire state, fight Mohamad Ali
just to have you baby, close to me

== Guitar solo == (D, D E B)

== 1 ==

== 1 == (in D, with fuzzy guitar solo on top)
... (fade

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