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Artist: Facedown
Song Title: Life Relentless
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This fraction of time,
Will it humble our thinking
or laugh in our face
Beaten and torn on bruised knees crawling,
It decomposes my soul

Fall - constantly falling,
Call - I'm forever just calling,
Get no answer, No relief,
Numbness takes control

Fall - constantly falling,
Fear - I'm forever just running,
Cry - I'm pathetically crying, When I...

Feel and feed the foetus in my mind,
Seeking refugee where pain resides

I am the foetus of my time,
Born to this life relentless

Rattle the chains,
To this mental enslavement,
Charismatic abuse

Solitude hands me my tool of destruction,
Darkness fills the room

Crawl - on bruised knees crawling,
It's dark - I'm forever just fumbling,
Cry - I'm pathetically crying, When I...

Feel and feed the foetus in my mind,
Seeking refugee where pain resides

I am the foetus of my time,
Born to this life relentless

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