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Artist: Faces
Song Title: Thats All You Need
Genre: Alternative
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(rod stewart, ron wood)

Sit right down if you can spare me a minute.
I got a tale that's bound to break your heart.
Concerns my brother who's thin and plays violin.
Got it in his head that an iq was all you need

He went his way, i couldn't discover mine.
I didn't worry if i ever saw him again.
He's made a profit while i don't even own a pocket
And the last i heard he was sitting at the top of the tree.

Late last night reading my underground press
Came a knock on the door, thought it was the third world war.
Lord above, i did not recognize him.

I said, "have a cup of coke, kid, maybe that's all you need."

He said, "the smell of the city, kid, it's trying to kill me.
My eyes are getting muddy, christ, i'm aging fast.
With my kind of music, i knew it wasn't gonna to be simple,
But have a quick listen, kid, maybe that's all you need."

Don't stop, you make me feel much better
Tell me my brother do you think that's all i need?
Don't it make you happy, well, well, well, well, well
That's all you need (5 times)

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