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Artist: Faces Changing
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Song Title: Dont Cry For Me
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Hey yeah yeah
Mmm, hmm

I know it's unbelievable
That we've come to an end
In spite of all that we've been through
I hope we'll still be friends
It's hard to think of losing you
But everything has changed
Except the love I feel for you
That much remains the same

All the roads that we travelled
Are moving apart
And although it hurts me so
To let you go
It's time for you to start
To follow your dreams
While I follow mine
I guess it's time for us to say goodbye
Don't cry

Don't cry for me
Although I know we love each other
We're just no good for one another
Don't cry for me
Baby, it's gonna be
It's gonna be alright

It's gonna, it's gonna
It's gonna be alright, yeah yeah
It's gonna, it's gonna
It's gonna be alright, babe

For everytime I think of you
A tear comes to my eye
I always thought I'd be with you
Until the day I die
If together we were meant to be
You know that time will show
But now we'll set each other free
We need some time to grow

Oh, we gotta move on
And leave the past behind
And although it hurts me so
To let you go
We're running out of time
We only live once
So let's take this chance
To find out destiny
And maybe then we'll see
Don't cry


It's gonna, it's gonna
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna, it's gonna
It's gonna be alright
(Don't cry)
It's gonna, it's gonna
It's gonna be alright
It's gonna, it's gonna
It's gonna be alright...

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