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Artist: Fahrenheit
Fahrenheit Author
Album: Chain Reaction (2005)
Fahrenheit - Chain Reaction Album
Song Title: Be Mine
Genre: Rock
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Everytime I close my eyes
The thought of you
invades my mind
I dream the dream
that may not come
you and I, together as one
Now I'm drivin' alone
along the road
I don't care where I go
It's a matter of time
for my heart to bleed
cause baby..
you're all that I need

Now you know that my soul
cannot wait forever
and it rains in my heart
when we're not together
there're two roads and a light
for your heart to follow...
Baby make up your mind
tell me if you're gonna be mine

Look into my eyes,
tell me what you see
If there ain't no love,
then I'll leave
WHY! is he a better man,
He don't love, the way I can
I've known you for so long,
Your feelings for me,
can't be wrong
Look inside your heart,
I'm begging you please
cause I know...
there must be
room there for me
Baby without you
there is no tomorrow
and you see me drowning
in a sea of sorrow
hold me, kiss me,
baby it's now or never

take your chances on me
just roll the dice
and set me free

Now you know.....
before this fire burns out
and more leaves fall down
Baby without you
there is no tomorrow...

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