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Artist: Faithbomb
Song Title: Word To The Wise
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you know God don't smoke

he won't choke no way

I can't believe my eyes

you portray him wrong

you don't sing his song

here's a word to the wise

poking fun at him

hide behind your grin

you hang him by the wrists

from a cross he hangs

blood leaves his veins

in fear you clench your fist

Jesus hears you cry

do you know he died

for a worthless one like you

God paid the price

here's some good advice

die to self before you're through

would you give your son

or someone you love

to save a rotting world

to this earth he's born

to a crown of thorns

to serve beyond the hurt

God he's the way he's the answer

if you'd only see

God he's the way let him heal you

and set you free

God he's the way he's the answer

makes the blind man see

God he's the way he's the answer

if you'd only see

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