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Artist: Faithfull Marianne
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Song Title: Misplaced Love
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You noticed that I closed my eyes again
And smiled in all the silence I have grown in me for you.
But then, what accident of stars
Brought you so late into my arms
Where even now another sleeps ?
Here in my heart I know that you and I are one.
I wonder if some joker laughs as he looks on
I wonder if some joker laughs as he looks on
I wonder if some joker laughs as he looks on
At all our misplaced love, all our misplaced love.
You noticed that I turned my head away
And cried for all the goodness I have found deceiving you.
Ah well, how could we know the hand
Fate chose to be our guide was tired
Of lover's bliss and holding hands
And deep in my heart I know that you and I are one.
I wonder if some joker sighs for what we've done
I wonder if some joker sighs for what we've done
I wonder if some joker sighs for what we've done
With all our misplaced, all our misplaced love.
I noticed that you touched my soul in time
And lied to stop my leaving
For a place where no one hears.
But then what randomness and chance
Could move the mountain from our dreams,
Or break the spell upon us now ?
And though deep in my heart I know you and I are one
I wonder if the joker dies what will become
I wonder if the joker dies what will become
I wonder if the joker dies what will become
Of all our misplaced love.
All our misplaced love.
All our misplaced ...

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