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Artist: Faithless
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Song Title: Woozy
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Always on till like a quarter to three, lovely
Always on till like a quarter to three, lovely
Always on till like a quarter to three, lovely
Always on till like a quarter to three, lovely

Even though it's sandy and dusty
Adjust my position on my cushion
Time is a treasure cause it's oh-so-dear
Lying here at my leisure on air
And the sun is really high in the sky
How am I supposed to 'do the dew'
When it's too hot to move
I'm woozy
I'm woozy

I'm woozy

Nobody in bed with me
I need room to be where I want to be
No need to zoom or rush
In fact, take out the bass in case we need more hush
Less percussion, a little less pushing and shoving
Take it easy, you could even get sleazy
Come around, watch a movie with the sound down
And get woozy
I'm woozy
I'm woozy

I'm woozy, yeah
I'm woozy

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