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Artist: Fall
Song Title: Choc-Stock
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[spoken] are you doing what you did two years ago?

Yeah? well dont make a career out of it

Up tonight

You are chock, you are pop, you are pop-stock

[backing vocals] (mix my pop-stock)

Pop-stock, mix my pop-stock

Pop-stock, mix my pop-stock

Pop-stock, mix my pop-stock

We like pop-sick stickers

We like weak tv

We like chocolate animals

We eat porky piggies

Pop stock, mix my pop-stock

Pop-stock, mix my pop-stock

Pop-stock, try my pop-stock

Pop-stock, buy my pop-stock

Now all the bourgeoisie

They hate our crazy scene

cause we dig pop-sick stickers

We like weaker tea

But theyre the product of the same systems

Beyond their control

They stayed on at school

And tolerate bad manners

Pop stock, mix my pop-stock

Pop-stock, mix my pop-stock

Pop-stock, try my pop-stock

Pop-stock, buy my pop-stock

Now come on kids

You dont need a 77

You dont need lee cooper

You dont need three cosmic boots

You dont need no cosmic shit

Lets get this thing together

And make it bad

Why are you smiling

Why are you laughing

At or with this song

Its not like your scene, your scene

Pop stock, mix my pop-stock

Pop-stock, mix my pop-stock

Pop-stock, try my pop-stock

Pop-stock, buy my pop-stock

[? ]

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