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Artist: Fallen Angels
Song Title: Rings Of Fire
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Hearts were made to be broken
Love was made for passing by
Times were made to be forgotten
Eyes were made to cry

Life ain?t a way of living
It won?t give you all you want
Lies aren?t there to be forgiven
They turn future into past

Memories are there to remember
Fantasies are there so you can dream
Feelings get two human beings together
Facts make them live in sin

Words are there to say "I?m sorry
For living with you part of your life"
Kisses say "I know you love me
But forgive me I?m wrong and you?re right"

I?m going to stay
With me on my way
As I walk far from home
To a land I don?t know
Why I?m doing this to myself
Isn?t there a better way
To find out
The truth?s out there?

But these rings of fire
Surrounds us, burns our souls
We won?t give up
Until it?ll take controll
This rings of fire
Why do they do this all?
What do they want from you?
What do they want from me?
What do we have to do?
What do we have to be?

Rings of fire like
Strong arms envolve
Us in our way home

Rings of fire
Love makes us fall down on
Our knees and crawl
For freedom
Freedom from this rings of fire
Break through the dark
And live a peacefull life

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