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Artist: Falling Up
Song Title: The Gathering
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With a longing heart you turn the tides and say goodbye
With a love that always fades you hold on so tight
Hold back the tears
Legacy that stays so strong is pulling at your heart
All the castles that you made are falling apart
Love is waiting here

Come back, in these places
In these places this is all that yo uneed when you want to come back

Blowing in the wind a taste of something tragically
Comes to find you when you fall and see beneath the skin
Always waiting is a love that moves your pain away
Always waiting will embrace and wash tears away
Places where this begins

You make believe that the world is never going to haunt you
(This place is safe)
That your love is always going to stay true
What do you see when you fall asleep
(Jesus in longing)
That you will want the blood his hands can bleed

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