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Artist: Farmers Boys
Song Title: For You
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Don't wait up late I won't be home tonight
Nor in the morning, don't wait at all
I've said my piece, I can't say anymore
How can you add to what's said before?

I said life could be wonderful
You paid no attention
I saw all of the warnings but
I know I'm wrong again

Tears falling, hearts calling, out to you
Eyes burning, I'm learning what to do
But if I had the chance to try and start again
Though I don't know when
Still falling, still falling for you

Don't close your eyes, I want just one last glance
I'm tired of talk of a second chance
I've done it all, I can't do anymore
How can you add to what's done before

I said life could be wonderful
You just looked right through it
I thought I could control myself
I know I'm wrong again


I said life could be wonderful
You paid no attention
I saw all of the warnings but
I know I'm wrong again


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