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Artist: Farnham Johnny
Song Title: Age Of Reason
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I curse the sun
And I curse the night
Yet tell this ovoid world
To spin forever
Eye the moon
In landlocked flight
Tell me will they always revolve together
Beseech the stars
Alive at night
Tell me if you deign
To shine forever
It's all I know
And all I might
Am I wrong to even doubt
This is the age of reason
And ask the question
yet cede the answer
How honest is the sun
That I once knew
A different setting
And ceaseless adding
What time is always telling
Old from new
Grip the hour
As it slips from view
How honest is the moon
That I once knew
But close my eyes
With all my might
Try to tell myself
This is the age of reason
Breathe in the dark
Believe in the light
Yet know this pair will always
Revolve together
It's all I know
And all I might
Am I wrong to even doubt
This is the age of reason

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