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Artist: Faron young
Song Title: Sweethearts Or Strangers
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(Jimmie Davis - Lou Wayne)

Sweethearts or strangers it makes no difference
Now I'll leave it up to you
Sweethearts or strangers I'll get along somehow
What do you want me to do?

I guess I'll always love you no matter what you say
By all the stars above you we can't go on this way
Sweethearts or strangers how can we go from here Sweethearts are strangers dear.

--- Instrumental ---

Sweethearts or strangers what will the verdict be
That's what you must decide
Sweethearts or strangers don't you worry about me
And I've loved, I left and I cried.

I guess I'll always love you although you say we're through
I'm glad that I had known you though my heart breaks in two
Sweethearts or strangers how do we go from here Sweethearts are strangers dear...

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