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Artist: Fatal Smile
Fatal Smile Author
Album: Beyond Reality (2002)
Fatal Smile - Beyond Reality Album
Song Title: The Saviour
Genre: Metal: Heavy
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I am The Saviour!

I am your God, I take you up when you are down
Your heart, your soul, I am your mind control
You need to believe, just close your eyes I'll make you see

I'm not your guardian angel
I addict your life with danger
You think??

I am The Saviour, the only one (the only one)
Sent down from heaven (sent down to you)
No, I'm your damage done

I protect and serve, I'm all your prayers that have been heard
I'm true, I'm real, your liar, I'm your dream
What's right, what's wrong,
when you are weak I'll make you strong

I'm not your guardian angel
I addict your life with danger
You think??

I am The Saviour, the only one
Sent down from heaven
No, I'm your damage done

(Guardian Angel)
You think??

I am The Saviour, the only one
Sent down from heaven
No, I'm your damage done
I am The Saviour, you're the chosen one
Sent down from heaven
No, I'm your damage done

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