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Artist: Fate Mercyful
Fate Mercyful Author
Album: 9 (1999)
Fate Mercyful - 9 Album
Song Title: Burn In Hell
Genre: Metal
Visits: 388
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The poison is still in your veins
The poison I slipped in your drink
Never saw me, I am but a ghost
Never saw your dangerous host
Wake up... You're still alive... Wake up and die
All you can see in the darkness above
Is the white in my eyes...
I'm standing on the edge of your grave
Looking down
Into the eyes of a dead...
Buried alive... Buried alive
Wake up... You're still alive... Wake up and die
How does it feel with my foot on your chest?
How does it feel?
Tell me and I might forget
How does it feel to be so out of breath?
How does it feel?
Tell me and I might forget...
Buried alive... Buried alive
He started struggling, Oh the fool
Moonlight shining in his drool
I slammed the shovel straight between his eyes

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