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Artist: Feable Weiner
Song Title: San Deem Us Ready
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to the dearest one hottest one bestest one
i know in california (carolina)
stayed there and lived there
cause thats exactly where your mommy born ya
so unfortunate for me
cause im stuck here in tennessee
you know its the longest hardest time longest time
ive been from loving you stayed here and lived here
but hope you hear what i am telling you
so fortunate cause im leaving tennessee soon
i know i know im just not much with out you
feel that way too please just for me
wha whoa wha whoa wha
dont forget regret me
or get me wrong cause im so far away
it shouldnt be too long
before i make my way to sweet c.a.
let me tell you i love you in my own little special way
i know
youre so hot as speedo says
you make me melt
i know ooo i know im just not much with out
feel that way too
please just for me
i know oooo ohhhh i know ooo ohh na na na na

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