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Artist: Feist
Feist Author
Album: Mushaboom - Maxi CD (2004)
Feist - Mushaboom - Maxi CD Album
Song Title: When I Was A Young Girl
Genre: Folk
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( Traditional - Texas Gladden )

When I was a young girl I used to seek pleasure

When I was a young girl I used to drink ale

Out of the ale house down into the jail house

My body's salvated and hell is my doom

Come mama come papa and sit you down by me

Come sit you down by me and pity my case

My poor head is aching my sad heart in breaking

My body's salvating and hell is my doom

Please send for the preacher to come and pray for me

And send for the doctor to heal all my wounds

My poor head is aching my sad heart in breaking

My body's salvating and I'm bound to die

One morning one morning one morning in may

I saw this young lady all wraped in white linen

All wraped in white linen and called out "the plague"

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