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Artist: Felix Da Housecat
Felix Da Housecat Author
Song Title: If You Want Me
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If You want Me

Yo can you hear me?
Well uh this goes out to you
Do you know who you are?
Do you know?
Come on

I just wanna let you know
Can't hold back just let it flow
If you want me
And I just wanna make you see
Here is where you want to be
If you want me

Where do all of your emotions go
Cause I don't feel your arms holding me
And when it gets cold at night
And my body is warm
Don't you know that I'm all that you need

Cause I just wanna be with you
Whenever you want me to
And anything that you ask
I would do
And baby I hope you understand
That I got feelings
When all of my feelings are just being used

[Repeat Chorus]

I'll be your emotions as they fall in the wind
I am more then you say
Your warm desire within
I'll be your emotions as they fall in the wind
I am more then your heart's best friend

[Repeat Bridge]


I'm fallin' in love 'gain
You're being my friend 'gain
We're making sweet love
We're making sweet love babe
It's sweeter then morning dew
You know I'm so into you
There's no other touch
And it hurts me so much


Come on come on
Come on come on, come on come on
What you think hun, Ma$e be young, Ma$e be dumb
Get Ma$e strung, there'll be no pre-numb?
But ever since B.I.G. died, my life's changed
Got the blue, I'm your boo, that's quite strange
I get nice thangs, way out the price range
And half these girls, don't even know my right name
See a fly rollie, mink made of coyote
Love a ghetto chick, I know she died for me
You got me confussed, see Cam the freak
Ma$e never the playa, bring sand to the beach
I'm sumthin' that the average girl hand couldn't reach
Living expenses, 20 grand a week
You know me, I be O-T, low key
Platnuim rollie, smokin' a O-Z
I'm that babyfaced playa, without no goatee
2 point 8, and about to go 3

[Repeat Chorus x2]

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