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Artist: Ferry Bryan
Ferry Bryan Author
Album: Frantic (2002)
Ferry Bryan - Frantic Album
Song Title: Cruel
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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My sun is set--and my day is done
When I turn to the east I can see no dawn
But iron horse come--buffalo gone
Like blades of grass they cut us all down

Yes I know what it is to be free
To run as far as the eye can see
But long knife come--buffalo gone
Like blades of grass they cut us all down

Why in the world are you so cruel?

Here is a girl who's working in a factory
Spends all her time there thinking what she want to be
She got no boyfriend--she got no window
She just a lonely heart--it's tearing me apart

There's a boy now doesn't have a word to say
Cat got your tongue now--night to night and day to day
He got no girlfriend--he got no money
He just a lonely heart--it's tearing me apart

Why in the world are you so cruel?

Everywhere I go there's a world full of heartbreak
Hole in the sky now--tell me where for God's sake
Where is that sunshine? Where is that rainbow?
Who got an answer here? Tell me what I want to know

Nobody knows the trouble I see
Nobody cares--nobody but me
And James Bond, Jackie O, Johnnie Ray and Garbo
Who got an answer here? Tell me what I want to know

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