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Artist: Ferry Bryan
Ferry Bryan Author
Album: Frantic (2002)
Ferry Bryan - Frantic Album
Song Title: Goddess of Love
Genre: Rock: Pop-Rock
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Marilyn says I got nothing to wear tonight
Only a pair of diamond earrings that catch the light
Platinum blonde--is it true that you have more fun
Siberia--now I'm sad and all alone

Goddess of love
I can't go on without you--oh I want you
Goddess of love
Nobody cares like I do--what can I do?

Marilyn says all the best things in life are free
Speaking of friends, will you spend a little time with me?
Walking alone down the cold wet boulevard
Siberia--is the beating of your heart

Goddess of love
You make it hard to work out--when you want out
Goddess of love
You twist and tear my heart out--when you walk out
Never a day goes by
When I don't cry

Maybe I'll find a way--living from day to day
Look what you done tonight--Niagara Falls tonight

Goddess of love
I can't go on without you--oh I want you
Goddess of love
Nobody cares like I do--what can I do?
Never a day goes by
When I don't cry

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