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Artist: Fetal Attraction
Song Title: Hopeless Romantic
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Insane departures call for unbearable pain

do you think that's what i want?

she said "you're all i've ever dreamed of"

he said "I'm betting i'm not"

Left in the aftermath of a hypocritical situation

caught in the dust of another failed relation

i'm just a hopeless romantic

hopeless romantic (x2)

Time for a message to be put on display

if it wasn't for you i'd still be alive

the warning sirens flash and for one second

you catch a glimpse of my pale dead face

Then you hear the zipper

my face disappears from your gaze

i'm sorry it couldn't be better

i'm enjoying this walk in the haze

Left in the aftermath of a hypocritical situation

caught in the dust of another failed relation

i'm just a hopeless romantic

hopeless romantic (x5)

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